Semi Accident Forces Piper Road to Close

by Ashley Drane on September 7, 2010 at 1:16 am

An area bridge will be closed for an unknown amount of time due to an accident.

Muskingum County Engineer Doug Davis said a semi went off a bridge on Piper Road near Tucker Road around 10 Monday night. Davis said there is extensive damage to the bridge. They have a crew on site waiting to safely evaluate the bridge after the tractor trailer is removed from the stream.

"Right now without further assessment the outside beams are going to have to be replaced on the bridge. So it will have to have a new deck on the structure we have to analyze how many beams are still left under the structure," Doug Davis said.

Piper Road is closed from Tucker to State Route 93 until further notice. 

"The truck driver made a wrong turn and was following his GPS signal and the GPS was trying to reroute him onto local roads and it’s pretty dark down here in the evenings and he obviously didn’t see that there was a narrow bridge. He tried to make the corner the tractor made it across the bridge but the trailer rolled the into the creek," Davis said.

The semi was carrying a full load which took crews all night to get cleared out of the truck.