Social Media Sites Enhance Small-Business

by Brittany Shannon on September 30, 2010 at 5:41 am

Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, and the list goes on. To some, it may seem like a foreign language, but social media sites can greatly benefit a business.

Representatives from the ‘Council of Smaller Enterprises’ and ‘Social Media LEAPS’ met with members of the Chamber of Commerce to get them thinking about using tools like social media sites to enhance their businesses.

"There are things that can be very beneficial to small-business-owners in using social media. It creates opportunities, it’s a way for them to create a dialogue with their customers," says Rose Dipietro, COSE Director of Online Marketing.

For some, taking the first step to use things like Facebook and Twitter, can be overwhelming. But it’s easier than you’d think.

"Say they want to say something about a sale they have coming up. They can tweet it, they can put it on Facebook, they can share it basically with the world and this network of customers that they would never have a potential to reach from a face-to-face conversation," says Kristen Bennett, COSE Marketing Coordinator.

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