Somerset Families Deal with Storm Damage

by Brittany Shannon on September 17, 2010 at 5:29 am

In nearby Somerset, residents experienced significant damage. Many claim to have seen and felt the tornado. They say the damage should speak for itself.

For locals, it’s earning its name as "tornado alley."

"Sounds like a train, and you can hear stuff hitting the house. After the noise went away I came out and walked around and it was calm, creepy calm," says Ron Chevaler Jr. who lives on Township Road 138 in Somerset.

Thursday night, Chevaler and his family got into the basement in the knick of time. "I got the door latched which saved me from blowing out into the woods. I went into the basement and waited a while and it was over here and I came out and everything was destroyed."

Throughout the night, volunteers worked to clear roadways as sound of chain saws filled the air. Friday, Chevaler and others worked to clean up the damage.

"We had somebody’s roof go over our house and rip the shingles off because it drug across the house," says Chevaler.

Along Township Road 138, many families share similar stories about their encounter with the storm.

"Fell to my knees. I was very distraught, I was very upset. You spend your entire life building this and working things out and in a minute and a half it’s gone," says Stephanie Murdock.

After hurrying their five children into the basement during the storm, the Murdock’s walked outside to find their home without a roof. With the good help of neighbors, friends, and nearby family members, they are able to work through this time as many in Somerset face similar difficulties.

"Everybody’s just been wonderful helping each other out. It’s a pretty tight-knit community i think," says Debbie Enke, Stephanie’s mother.