Speed Change on Blue Avenue

by Emily Baird on September 15, 2010 at 9:21 am

If you’re driving along Blue Avenue in the next few weeks, you may notice one significant change.

The speed limit is being lowered from 35 mph to 25 mph. The issue was brought before City Council and members approved it on July 26th. It will affect the section of Blue Avenue from Taylor Street to the entrance and exit ramps of Interstate 70.

The Zanesville Police Department says the road is heavily traveled, especially with local drivers who tend to use it as a detour from Maple Avenue, and Lieutenant Tony Coury says speeding is a huge issue.

"It’s a long stretch of roadway. It’s wide. It’s easy to drive. There’s not a whole lot of stopping and starting. So, we only have two traffic lights on the whole street," says Lt. Coury.

The reasoning for the speed reduction is safety, especially with three Zanesville City School buildings being so close to the roadway.

"It’s not just eight hours a day. It’s not just at the dismissal and arriving at the school. We have football games on Friday and Saturday night," says Lt. Coury.

Lt. Coury says there’s been many injury accidents and even a few fatalities over the years. The city of Zanesville plans to conduct more studies on the roadway to see if any further safety measures need to be taken, such as extending the school zones or adding more traffic lights to slow traffic.