Sunrise Bowl Regretfully Closes its Doors: UPDATE

by Brittany Shannon on September 8, 2010 at 10:02 am

A local bowling alley is regretfully closing its doors following a fierce bankruptcy case.

Sunrise Bowl on the East Pike has signs posted on its doors saying ‘closed until further notice.’ Owner Jeffery Prindle and his wife Marti were forced to file chapter seven bankruptcy. The family’s attorney, Mitchell Marczewski, says that despite attempting to reorganize the Prindle’s finances in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, they were forced to close Sunrise Bowl Wednesday.

"The chapter seven trustee is in charge of controlling the assets of the estate and unfortunately, we were unable to convince him that it was in his best interest and in everyone’s best interest to keep the bowling alley open," says Mitchell Marczewski, Attorney at Law.

Following a tough economy, law suits filed against the Prindles, and a foreclosure against the bowling alley, Marczewski says it was impossible for the Prindles to keep the establishment open, but they did try.

"Things in the economy and certain things out of their control unfortunately forced them to have to make a decision that they really didn’t want to have to make, so the Prindles have really put in a heroic effort to try to keep the bowling alley running."

Marczewski says that himself, the Prindles, and the trustees will begin to review any property belonging to outside individuals that is being stored at the bowling alley. Such items will be returned to the owners.

The bowling alley has been in business since 1964. The attorney says it’s unlikely that it will reopen anytime soon, but lenders will be looking to find someone to turn it into a productive asset in the future.