Sweet Corn Festival

by Brittany Harris on September 4, 2010 at 5:05 am

Crowds are gathering to sink their teeth into some sweet corn.

The Sweet Corn Festival in Millersport wrapped up Saturday evening, which is operated by non-profit charitable organizations. The Apostolic Christian Church assisted the Lion’s Club in serving freshly cooked corn to the public.

"They bring in two semi loads of corn each year, we take it off the truck, we run it through the husker, and then the people at the table finish husking it, clean the silk off of it, from there it goes into a large tub of water where it’s washed, and to make sure it’s clean, it goes into some baskets into a cooler, from there it goes to a boiling vat of water, and then it’s dumped in a vat of butter and then it serves out the front," said Pastor Duane Kramer of the Apostolic Christian Church.

Kramer says none of this would be possible without the public’s appreciation of agriculture.

"We all like to eat, I think more and more agriculture is becoming a more predominant issue and focus and it’s very important to all of us," he said.

Over 50,000 ears of corn were served throughout the weekend. The Lion’s Club will donate a portion of the proceeds to the church’s mission program.