Tending to Children in Accidents

by Emily Baird on September 20, 2010 at 6:34 am

To prepare for situations, such a Monday morning’s bus accident, local crews say the need to go to the scene ready to handle mass injuries.

The Falls Township Fire Department contacted Good Samaritan Hospital, saying the medical staff should be prepared to handle at least 10 kids. Fire chief, J.D. Johnson, says everyone kept a cool head while attending to the bus accident victims.

"Internally, your heart’s racing. Your body wants to go 100 mph, but your brain is telling you, you have to stay focused on what you’re doing, which is taking care of these kids and everybody else because if you’re a wreck, everyone’s a wreck, " says Johnson.

But Johnson says it can sometimes be difficult treating kids under these circumstances.

"A lot of concern with children is they can’t tell you some of the things that’s wrong with them. They’re scared, crying, and apprehensive. We have to take each child individually and examine him individually, " says Johnson.

Along with providing medical care, the crews also provided comfort and re-assurance to these kids since their parents weren’t nearby.