The Walk to Washington

by Emily Baird on September 14, 2010 at 5:48 am

Three men are walking 835 miles in 50 days, all to spread awareness about depression and mental health issues.

They started on August 14th in St. Louis and hope to reach Washington D.C. by October 7th, which marks National Depression Screening Day.

The director of the walk, Steve Curran, has been suffering from depression since he was a teen, and he says he wants to reach out to others.

"The disease of depression carries so much shame and stigma that so many people are afraid to talk about, afraid to seek treatment, " says Curran.

In fact, 80% of people who suffer from depression do not seek treatment, but Muskingum Behavioral Health says it’s one of the most treatable diseases.

"It’s a process. There’s some rocky roads along the way. What treatment provides is people to learn how to deal with their illness, and how they can lead a more positive, more productive life, " says Executive Director, Steve Carrel.

Some patients may also require medication to help balance chemicals in their brain that lead to depression or other mental health issues.