United Way Campaign Goal Set

by Ashley Drane on September 14, 2010 at 3:06 am

Community leaders got together Tuesday morning to kick off a very important campaign.

The United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties announces that it’s goal is $955,000 this year. And in order to reach the goal over the next few months they are making it easier to donate.

"We have a number of different ways we are trying to adjust our plans and achieve that goal. One of the big things that we’re doing this year is texting option. People can contribute as little as $10.00 to the United Way campaign by just sending a simple text," Campaign Chairman Chad Daniels said.

He said it’s just an easy way to donate. They still do standard pay roll deductions as well as plenty of other options. Daniels said the end result is serving the community.

"Making a different in the community. The money goes back into our direct service agencies. Those agencies, such as, the Red Cross, Christ Table, Catholic Social Services, Boy Scouts, Eastside Community Ministries, Big Brother Big Sisters….. all those agencies most everyone is familiar with. It’s a great opportunity to give back to them so they can make a difference within the community."

Daniels said you can make a donation by sending texting the word "unite" to 85944.  Donors will then receive a text messsage that they need to reply "yes" to.  The text to give $10 investment will show up on their next cell phone statement.

For more information go to www.unitedwayofmpm.org.