Veterans For Strickland

by Brittany Harris on September 13, 2010 at 1:33 am

Contacting voters is on the agenda for one political party.

Veterans for Strickland held a day of action at the Zanesville Democratic Campaign Office on Market Street. Volunteers made calls to voters and knocked on doors to seek support.

"Well I’ve been out here many days and I appreciate talking to the veterans, I’m a veteran myself and we’re trying to spread the word all over Ohio to get the veterans out to vote," said Veteran Gary Wion.

Wion says veterans are interested in issues like government assistance, benefits, and available resources.

"Zack Space, I think that what he’s done as far as the veteran, what he’s done with Sherrod Brown is giving more support for the veterans in this state," he said.

Similar volunteer events were aslo held in Toledo, Canton, and Cincinatti.