Water Main Break Adds to a Growing List

by Brittany Shannon on September 15, 2010 at 4:55 am

A water main break on State Route 22 in South Zanesville adds to an extensive list of breaks within the past month. It’s making more work for the water department which already has their hands full with other projects.

The eight-inch break occurred across from the Sheetz in South Zanesville around 2 p.m. Only one customer lost water, but traffic was backed up. Water superintendent, Paul Mills says that the list of breaks continues to grow.

"We’ve had some 40 water breaks in the last 30 days. So it’s been a very busy month. The dry weather and everything is causing the effect of it, so there’s just no give," says Mills.

Each time a water main breaks, crews are taken off of other projects. Mills says that today, crews left the Harding Road water line project to respond to the break. Work on Harding Road still has a ways to go.

"We’ve got 825 feet in there. We’ve got a thousand and 40 feet to go. We’d like to get that done this year for paving, but we keep getting pulled off it for water breaks."

Mills say he hopes to have the break repaired by 11:00 tonight.