Witness Experiences Fatal Y-Bridge Crash

by Brittany Shannon on September 9, 2010 at 11:55 am

While one family mourns the loss of a Zanesville man, community members sympathize with the family and remember the tragic accident.

"It’s scary, makes you not want to drive a vehicle no more," says Leona Bobb who witnessed the Y-Bridge Crash.

Leona Bobb was sitting at the red light on Pine Street when 28-eight year old Ryan McCuen missed the Y-Bridge turn off of Linden Avenue, crashing into the side of the bridge.

"When he hit it sounded like a shotgun I mean it sounded like somebody shot his gas tank so it’s what it sounded like."

It happened around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning. As she watched the car go up in flames, Leona, and others waiting at the light signaled three Zanesville Police cruisers who were sitting in a nearby parking lot.

"It exploded and it caught on fire and we were laying on our horn and pointing at the scene trying to get the cops’ attention," says Bobb.

As officers raced onto the bridge, Leona says she watched in fear as Zanesville Police attempted to pull McCuen from the fiery vehicle. "Busted the window out and got him out and he didn’t have no shirt on."

Zanesville Police Officers Travis Groves, Scott Blanton, and Mark Stoffer worked together to pull McCuen from the car, putting themselves in harm’s way.

"Travis Groves and Scott Blanton then helped him get the guy completely out of the car, unfortunately the man did not survive," says Captain Mike Baker of the Zanesville Police Department.

Officers Stoffer and Groves were treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation, and have since been released from the hospital. Captain Baker says all three officers involved will be recognized for their heroic efforts.

"They were trying to save the guys life, and they thought they had a chance to do that and put their own lives at risk to accomplish that goal."

McCuen died at the scene. While Leona never knew him. She says feels deeply for the family.

"The memories will always be there. Even though they’re not my people, the memories will always be there after seeing it," says Bobb.