Zane State Welcomes New Students

by Brittany Shannon on September 27, 2010 at 5:53 am

Three years ago, Zane State began a convocation ceremony for first-year students where they vowed to put an emphasis on success.

Rather than giving students the classic convocation speech, Zane State encourages their students to complete their time at the college by giving them a taste of what graduation will be like. That was their goal Monday.

"Give the message to them that we are all dedicated to student’s success. We are their partners in this journey and we want them to succeed," says Dr. Paul Brown, President of Zane State.

Hundreds of first-year students gathered in Littick Hall for the convocation. Students are in their second week of school, and most are excited about the beginning of their journey.

"This is my first year, going on the second week of college for me, and I always liked high school and this is just amazing for me. It’s a really neat experience," says first-year student, Jessica Phillips.

Lora Kirkman says she is going to Zane State for herself, but also those who are close to her. "Just to make my family proud."