Zanesville and Falls Township Could Enter into Contract

by Brittany Shannon on September 27, 2010 at 9:17 am

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, an ordinance that could potentially bring thousands of dollars into the city was in its first reading.

The ordinance proposes the creation of a Joint Economic Development District, or JEDD, between the City of Zanesville and Falls Township. The area of land located in Falls Township would be used to develop industry and create more employment opportunities in which the city, township, and county would all benefit.

"It’s really a cooperation between the community to bring in businesses to create jobs and then share in the revenues that those jobs generate," says Zanesville City Councilman, David Tarbert.

Zanesville currently has JEDDs with Newton, Washington, and Springfield townships.

"The city’s currently generating almost a million dollars from the three existing JEDDs. Now again, those JEDDs were put in place maybe 10 years ago, so this isn’t something that we’re going to create today and see $200,000 of revenue tomorrow. But 10, 15, 20 years down the road, as that area develops, the city could generate 50 to $800,000 like we’re currently doing," says Tarbert.

Other items on Monday’s City Council agenda include an ordinance that authorizes the city to sell a portion of vacant property located at the intersection of State Route 719 and Moxahala Avenue. It moves onto its final reading.

Another piece of legislation that will move onto its final reading allows the city to enter into a contract with CH2M Hill for the rehabilitation of the Y-Bridge Lift Station Rehabilitation Project.