Zanesville High School Gets “A+” from Students

by Brittany Shannon on September 14, 2010 at 5:18 am

Zanesville High School students and faculty have officially spent a week in the new building. While some odds and ends remain incomplete, the general consensus is a positive one.

The new school is undergoing some minor tweaking. Principal Mark Ulbrich says the public address system needs a little work as well as the heating and cooling system. However, everyone seems to be adjusting well, as students have a new environment to foster learning.

"They really like the openness of the school. They really like the windows, there’s a lot of talk about the windows whether it be at the library, the front of the school of the cafetorium. It really tends to let in a lot of light and I think it really picks up their spirits," says Ulbrich.

While all students are like freshmen navigating their way through the building, those who attended the old Zanesville High School find favor with the new.

Having air conditioning in the school is a luxury for students who have been through the old Zanesville High. Senior Clarence Norris notices the difference. "It’s good, it’s nice. I like being here, it’s got air conditioning now."

Like Norris, junior Mark Kottke is thrilled to learn in a "cool" environment as well as studying on some sturdy equipment. "It’s nice to use new things. Stuff isn’t breaking and chairs aren’t falling apart on us and stuff like that so it’s nice."

Senior Ashley Drake is happy that the school is "going green" with geothermal technology used for heating and air conditioning. "It’s very roomy. It’s not crowded anymore. It used to be hard to breathe in the old school because it was so warm, but now it’s comfortable."

Construction continues as students fill the hallways, but the end result is worth the wait.