Zanesville Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges

by Brittany Shannon on September 3, 2010 at 7:37 am

A man is charged in the attempted murder of a local bartender following a late-night robbery Wednesday.

Sheriff Matt Lutz of the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office says that 29-year Cody Fisher of Zanesville entered into the Lighthouse Inn on Old River Road Wednesday evening. Around midnight Fisher proceeded to assault the female employee in an attempt to rob the establishment.

"During the incident this individual took her into the cooler and placed her in the cooler to prevent her from leaving the establishment. [He] then attempted to set the place on fire," says Muskingum County Sheriff, Matt Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz says Fisher was at large until detectives took him into custody Thursday. His charges include six counts.

"Mr. Fisher is charged with attempted murder which is a felony in the first degree. He’s also charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, attempting aggravated arson, and there’s also a theft charge and tampering with evidence," says Sheriff Lutz.

The Sheriff says they received information that Fisher was at the Lighthouse Inn earlier in the evening prior to the attempted robbery. The bartender suffered a knee injury in the incident that Lutz says could require surgery. She is being treated at a Columbus hospital. Fisher is being held in the Muskingum County Jail.