Zanesville Paving Projects

by Emily Baird on September 29, 2010 at 6:18 am

This summer has been full of paving projects for the city of Zanesville.

It received money from the Community Development Formula Grant to pave some streets on the south end of town. It received $1 million in stimulus funding to pave Dryden, Ridge, and Dresden Roads along with Pershing Avenue. The city was also awarded $400,000 through Ohio Public Works for its latest project that will start Monday.

"You’re scored by points by the length of time between the paving options. If it’s more than 10 years, you get more points," says Public Service Director, Mike Sims.

That money will be used for seven to eight miles of roadway on the north end of town, including:

-Nutt Street

-White Oak Avenue

-Moxahala Avenue

-Adair Avenue (Maple to Converse)

-East Drive

-Rankin Drive

-Parkview Drive

-Harding Road & Pittman Street (rescheduled for spring 2011)

Sims says the city tries to disperse the money evenly between wards and target roads that are heavily traveled, which get worn down more easily. He says this funding is critical to the city and area drivers.

"If I had no funding this year, I would have had almost $150,000 total for paving. That would have probably only covered maybe two streets on this list," says Sims.

Sims says the city is in the process of applying for money to help pave Maple Avenue next summer. The funding decision is expected to be reached at the end of next month. Maple avenue was last paved in 1999.