Autism Walk

by Brittany Harris on October 2, 2010 at 8:40 am

Experts estimate that between two and six children out of every 1,000 have autism.

To get the word out, the National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio hosted it’s second annual 5k walk Saturday morning at Zanes Landing Park. The association’s president says there are limited resources when it comes to this developmental disability. 

"That’s why I started the NAA here in Zanesville, because it was so hard for us there were no other parents, there was no networking,and there was no community, and then there was no help as far as funding, it’s expensive to recover your child," said Shannon Cocunis who is President of the National Austim Association of Southeast Ohio.

Doug Krinsky Chapter Advocacy Chair of Autism Speaks in Ohio, is asking for support of House Bill 8, which would make it a requirement to extend medical coverage to children and adults with autism here in Ohio.

"Kids and adults with autism, a lot of their policies exclude coverage for autism, so they don’t get their therapy paid for, they don’t get their occupational, physical, speech therapy paid for. So they actually have to pay for it out of pocket if they can even afford to do that," said Krinsky.

Under Obama’s healthcare plan, insurance companies will be required to cover those with pre-existing conditions, but that policy won’t be finalized for adults until 2014. Krinsky says that the passing of House Bill 8, will expedite the wait for so many in need.