Black-Legged Ticks Found in Ohio

by Brittany Shannon on October 8, 2010 at 7:09 am

For the first time in state history, an unwelcome pest has made its way into Ohio, and officials are telling people to be on the lookout.

A population of black-legged ticks was recently discovered in neighboring Coshocton County. Unlike the common dog tick, the black-legged tick can transmit lyme disease to humans. Although similar in shape to the dog tick, there are differences.

"The black-legged ticks are much smaller. Some people say they are one tenth of the size of a dog tick and some people compare them to the size of a freckle," says Mark Mechling, Extension Education of Muskingum County.

Ticks are usually found in grassy areas where there is heavy vegetation. Mechling says if you’re out and about, to check yourself for the small insects. If you come in contact with one, they’re asking that you bring it in.

"What we suggest that you take any samples of ticks, if you’re not sure of what they are, take them to the local county extension office or the local health department and they can help sort that out for you," says Mechling.

Mechling says it’s nothing to be overly concerned about, but is asking people to be aware.