Bob Gibbs Talks Jobs in Zanesville

by Brittany Shannon on October 5, 2010 at 9:33 am

Members of the community seeking to gain insight on political candidates met with State Senator Bob Gibbs Tuesday night.

Gibbs is running against incumbent Zack Space in the battle for U.S. Representative for the 18th congressional district. Tuesday night, he highlighted key points for November’s election including getting the unemployed back on their feet.

"It’s about jobs and restoring that confidence because when you don’t have people that are financially secure, you have bigger government, higher cost, higher taxes," says Senator Gibbs.

Gibbs calls small business the "engine that drives our economy and creates jobs." However, he says employers need support and certainty first.

"They’ll start hiring people back and when people are secure in their jobs and have a job then you’ll see spending start to happen."

Gibbs along with State Senator Jimmy Stewart were at the John McIntire Library.