Candidates Attend Forum at OUZ

by Kelly Mills on October 11, 2010 at 9:54 am

A public forum was held Monday night at Ohio University-Zanesville for candidates running for Ohio’s 18th Congressional district.

The forum allowed everyone in attendance to pose questions about any issue. Candidates were given three minutes to answer each question and five minutes for a closing statement. Republican candidate Bob Gibbs says events like these allow him to get better acquainted with the public.

"I always like the opportunity to get out and meet people. They get to hear what i’m thinking, I get to hear their questions and comments," says Gibbs.

Constitution Party candidate Lindsey Sutton also attended the event, Sutton views the forum as an opportunity not only to speak, but to listen.

"We all have a different walk of life, so to speak, and mine aren’t yours, yours aren’t mine and if you get down and actually listen to them it allows those people to understand that you hear what they’re saying," he says.

Representative Zack Space was invited to the event, but was not in attendance. Voters will head to the polls to decide the 18th Congressional race on November 2nd.