Candidates Forum Issue 1

by Brittany Harris on October 19, 2010 at 8:51 am

The November Election is two weeks away.

One of the issues the city of Zanesville voters will decide on November 2nd involves a 3% lodging tax.  

During this week’s candidate forum, WHIZ news spoke to people from both sides of the issue.

Those for Issue 1 say local residents won’t be paying any extra tax, it will be those staying at hotels in the area; and it will build a community pool.

"We believe that the children of Zanesville need to have a community pool, a pool that is available to the children so that they can walk there or ride their bikes," says Supporter Janet Stewart.

Opponents argue with the new lodging tax, Zaneville would have one of the highest rates in the state at 17%. They also say there is no outlined plan in place as to where the location will be and how much the pool would actually cost.

"We already have a community swimming pool, this community swimming pool is operating without out any taxes, the Muskingum Family Y is a public swimming pool and is open to the community," said Kelly Ashby who opposes Issue 1.

Voters will decide this issue on November 2nd.