Chief Justice Eric Brown Visits

by Brittany Harris on October 26, 2010 at 8:18 am

Chief Justice Eric Brown of the Ohio Supreme Court, who will be running in the November elections visited Zanesville Tuesday afternoon to meet with local attorneys and voters. Brown says he wants to focus on increasing diversity and expanding the use of technology.

"The reason we want to do that is that it’s cost effective, it’ll save considerable tax payer money and that’s important, it’s also more efficient and it provides greater public access," said Chief Justice Eric Brown.

He says putting court documents online and creating an electronic filing system will boost efficiency in the court rooms.

"Beyond that I want to make sure that I work with judges and courts throughout the state of Ohio as I’ve done to make sure that we address their needs, that we provide good support to allow them to do a good job and provide justice," he said.

Brown who is a democrat will be running against second-term Justice Maureen O’Connor who is a republican.