Cornfield Catches Fire

by Brittany Harris on October 21, 2010 at 9:18 am

A cornfield caught fire in Washington Township Thursday afternoon.

Fire officials say about an acre and a half of the field near the residence at 3955 Old Wheeling Road caught fire, which they say may have been caused by a downed powerline.

"Everything is dry right now and if any kind of spark or anything and with the wind and stuff today and it kind of spreads pretty quick," said Lt. Dave Buchanan of Washington Township Fire Department.

Several fire departments were on site with brush trucks that are designed to manuever through hard to reach locations.

"Like rural areas back in there, where you need four-wheel drive trucks and stuff to get back in to it and everything because the bigger trucks you can’t get back in there."

Lt. Buchanan says they are conducting an investigation.