County Engineer Looks for Funds to Repair Roadways

by Brittany Shannon on October 14, 2010 at 6:15 am

The Rockies Express Pipeline is complete and crews are moved out, but they left some county road damage behind.

Muskingum County Engineer, Doug Davis says Virginia Ridge, Wilson, and Irish Ridge Roads all received heavy traffic throughout the construction of the pipeline. Now, the county must repair the roadways before winter hits.

"I’m running out of the window of weather here where I’ll have time to get those roads repaired for Winter, so we’ve asked them to reimburse the county for those costs and they honestly don’t feel that they owe that much money," says Davis.

Davis says it would take $487,000 to repair the roadways, but is only being offering $40,000.

"As a steward for the county, I want the county roads to be repaired back to the same condition they were before they got here. We chip and sealed those roads right before rockies got here and that’s how it ought to be when rockies leave."

Davis asked commissioners if they would be able to help fund the county engineer’s office to repair the roadways. A potential suit could come about if Rockies Express does not reimburse the county for the damages.