CROP Hunger Walk

by Brittany Harris on October 10, 2010 at 7:35 am

Some locals are walking for those in need.

The Muskingum-Zanesville CROP Hunger Walk was held at Zane’s Landing Park as a part of a national cause to help raise awareness and funds for international relief and development, and to also fight against hunger.

"The crop walk helps people who, we walk because they walk, there are people that have to walk everyday for clean water if they even have it available," said Co-Coordinator Gwen Mendenhall.

Teams have been collecting money since August for today’s event. Mendenhall says she hopes to make more than $15,000.

"There are 16,000 children a day that die from hunger related causes, that’s one about every six seconds and it’s just hard for us in the United States to relate to that," said Mendenhall.

She says 25% of the proceeds will be used locally and the other 75% will be given to Church World Services.