Genesis Earns Heart Failure Accreditation

by Brittany Shannon on October 29, 2010 at 5:25 am

It’s just another way that Genesis Good Samaritan is providing optimal care to the community.

Genesis is among an elite 21 hospitals in the United States and the only hospital state-wide to have received a full heart failure accreditation. This means that the processes, practices, and guidelines used to treat patients and optimize the heart by using best practice.

"we treat patients based on the guidelines and adhere to this and i give the patient better chances of treating the heart failure," says M. Magdy Migeed, M.D., cardiac electrophysiologist and medical director of heart rhythm services.

This also means that patients do not need to be transported to Columbus. The highly trained staff at genesis can do everything from medical therapy to device therapy where pace makers and defibrillators are used…

"It doesn’t stop now. We’ve improved our processes. We’re doing best practices, and we’re going to continue. This is something our accreditation is good for three years. Well in three years we’re going to look at the next step," says Lori Cody, Heart Failure Director.

Since the inception of the program, Genesis has noticed an increase in the number of heart failure patients treated.