George Hiotis

Genesis HealthCare And Unison Health Extend Negotiating Period

by George Hiotis on October 29, 2010 at 9:42 am

Genesis HealthCare System and Unison Health Plan of Ohio have agreed to extend their negotiating period. Unison provides services to Ohio Medicaid members in two separate programs. An agreement would keep Genesis in the plan’s network through January 31, 2011. The move will allow for uninterrupted care for Unison’s 8600 members in Muskingum County while terms for a new contract are negotiated. In August of 2010, Genesis notified Unison of its intention to end the agreement effective October 31st, 2010. Genesis reports that the parties have made progress resolving their issues. But more time is needed to resolve a few remaining administrative items and to negotiate a new agreement that works for both parties. Both sides say they hope to finalize a new agreement by the end of this year. Genesis president and CEO Matthew Perry says he is pleased that an interim agreement has been reached and is hopeful that he will successfully negotiate terms for an extended relationship with Unison. Unison Health Plan executive director Jeff Corzine says he values the partnership with Genesis and is pleased to have this extended opportunity to reach a satisfactory agreement.