Guns Win Over Hoses

by Emily Baird on October 9, 2010 at 10:41 am

Local law enforcement officials face off against area firefighters in the ultimate show down for bragging rights.

The annual Guns and Hoses Flag Football Game was held at the Maysville High School Football Stadium Saturday night. The victors were the Guns for the third year in a row with a score of 28-2. It’s an event that both teams practiced for weeks in advance in hopes of taking home the trophy.

"Lots of guys played high school football. We’ve got a couple guys who played some college ball, " says Hoses Captain, Trevor Meek.

"When you’re an athlete, you’re pretty competitive. Fortunately, our bodies only let us do so much, " says Guns Captain, Matt Lutz.

While both sides say they came out for fun, proceeds from the event benefit the Muskingum Valley Red Cross. It’s an organization they work with closely.

"The only time people hear from them is when somebody’s in trouble or have a house fire-when they’re out helping people-but they help in so many ways in our community. They promote so much safety in our community," says Lutz.

Safety through CPR and first aide training. The Red Cross also tends to military families.

Both the Guns and Hoses doubled their teams in size this year, and the Red Cross was hoping to double the amount of money brought in to around $6,000.