Helen Purcell Celebrate 125 Years

by Brittany Shannon on October 12, 2010 at 6:21 am

A local retirement community is celebrating 125 years, and opening their doors to the public.

Helen Purcell was established in 1885. Since then, the building has experienced changes, and Tuesday, they invited residents, families, the community, and Mayor Butch Zwelling to take a look.

"We want to invite everybody and just let them see our new look and the fact that we’re got three levels of care at Helen Purcell. That’s our big opportunity to thank everybody today for supporting us for 125 years," says Melissa Best, Director of Community Relations.

Helen Purcell offers independent living, assisted living, and health care. They are proud to serve their residents through all stages of their older lives.

"You’ve got the friends, the loved ones who’ve taken care of you for so long. You’ve got them with you and we’re just here for you all the way through," says Best.

Mayor Zwelling issued a proclamation commemorating Helen Purcell’s 125 of service.