Ladies in Business Come Together

by Brittany Shannon on October 7, 2010 at 6:07 am

It was a combination of jewelery, makeup, flowers and more at today’s Ladies Extravaganza.

Close to 100 local female business owners got the chance to come together and exchange clients and products at Bryan’s Place in downtown Zanesville.

"Make everybody realize that it is important to promote and support the local business people," says Carol Bryan, owner of Bryan’s Place.

Each business owner got the chance to speak about their business and the services they offer.

"It’s nice to meet women who are trying to grow their businesses and there’s such a wide variety of us but we’re all like sisters, it’s been a great experience," says Tami Neff, owner of Tami Neff Designs, Ltd.

It’s the first time holding the event, but attendees hope that it becomes an annual one.