Landscaping Project for Bus Station

by Brittany Harris on October 6, 2010 at 8:13 am

One local group is helping to beautify downtown Zanesville.

Volunteers from the Muskingum Valley Garden Society spent a few hours at the Zanesville Bust Station Wednesday evening to assist on a landscaping project.

"The idea was to put some of these projects in for the downtown community for downtown to maintain their own projects once we get them started," said Darlene Turner of the Muskingum Valley Garden Society.

Turner says a low maintenance landscape was selected to compliment the riverside. She says members are also being educated on different styles of gardening in addition to helping out the community.

"It brings in new businesses, it brings in a lot of people from out of town here to pass through the Zanesville area and you know it’s just a way to beautify the city," said the volunteer.

The club will be back at it on Thursday to finish up the project.