Local Health Center Sends Seals to Community

by Ashley Drane on October 26, 2010 at 1:38 am

One local health organization is asking  for your help this holiday season.

Rambo Memorial Health Center is kicking off its annual Yule Time Seal Fundraiser.

"We’re sending out 11,000 mailers to local residents asking them for their help for a charitable donation to continue the services that we offer at Rambo. 100% of the money that comes in from our donations stays here locally," Yule Time Seal Campaign Bill Schimmel said.

People can use the seals on their holiday letters and cards to support Rambo. Schimmel said the donations are used for all the services the health center provides.

"The money goes to many different places of Rambo. There are a lot of services we offer that people may not even know about, such as chest x-rays asthma camp for kids they are familiar with the popular flu vaccine but other vaccines that Rambo offers is very low cost pneumonia, shingles, whipping cough… So we have a lot of services.

To learn more about what the Rambo Memorial Health Center offers go www.rambomemorialhealthcenter.org. And if you didn’t get any seals call 452-5401 and they will send them to you.