Looking Ahead: Zanesville’s 2011 Budget

by Brittany Shannon on October 21, 2010 at 5:56 am

As Zanesville City officials look toward 2011, they are faced with a significant shortfall in the city budget. In a meeting, the budget committee discussed various options.

The projected shortfall for 2011 is approximately $930,000. This means that the current budget cuts for 2010 would carry into 2011.

"That also assumes that all our current vacancies which we haven’t filled and we’re not going to fill for next year, even with that, we’re still $930,000 short," says Dale Raines, City Budget and Finance Director.

Raines attributes the city’s financial problems to the economy, however some other factors have played into the shortcomings. City Treasurer, Paul DuBeck says the fire department’s overtime was discussed as a problem that must be fixed right away. But other options are also on the table and will be necessary.

"Perhaps doing a pay cut, pay freeze, whatever we decide to do. Do away with the longevity pay, or the sick-leave reciprocity, put that into action first and then go to the respective unions and say hey we’re serious about this," says DuBeck.

DuBeck says he would like to see unaffiliated employees’ changes go into effect in coordination with union employees. The city has until April 1 to have the 2011 budget passed and approved.