Making Cars Winter-Friendly

by Brittany Shannon on October 22, 2010 at 4:43 am

The sun may be shining, but cold temperatures and inclement weather is right around the corner. We have some tips to get your car ready for Winter’s precipitation.

AAA is urging people to get their cars inspected for Winter and want to emphasize getting your brakes are up to speed.

"Some of the warning signs for your brakes being worn out is if you have to put too much pressure on the brakes in order to get your car to slow down, or if you hear squeaking, or noises in the brakes as you’re pressing on your brakes," says AAA Store Manager, Rhoda Collins.

Clever’s Auto Service and Towing says they encourage checking tire tread, the vehicle’s fluids, among other things.

"Batteries, get your batteries tested. Winter’s coming soon, and nobody wants to break down in the cold weather so get them tested and make sure they’re up to snuff," says Michael Nunley of Clever’s Auto Service and Towing.

Packing an emergency kit with cold weather gear in your car is also a good idea in the event that your vehicle should break down.