George Hiotis

Morgan Board Of Elections Sues Commissioners

by George Hiotis on October 5, 2010 at 3:00 am

The Morgan County Board of Election is suing the county commissioners over money problems. The issue is the election board won’t be able to pay for the November 2nd election and has sued Commissioners for more money. Ohio Secretary of State Spokesman Patrick Gallaway says now his office is involved because the issue must be resolved quickly. Gallaway says Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has moved the court action from Morgan County to Athens County to expedite the matter. In August appointed Judge John Nau (Now) from Noble County ordered board members’ salary frozen and money transferred to pay the two staff members through September and also cut staffers pay. Ohio law states that counties must adequately fund their elections board’s expenses for running elections. The board of elections remains open three days a week and the ballot is ready for the upcoming election. Morgan County Commissioner Mike Reed tells Whiz News that his office plans to fund the upcoming election. He says the issue they are fighting over is salary line-items and before the Judge reduced hours, staffers were working more hours that the commissioner’s budgeted for this year.