Muskingum County Employee Insurance Changing

by Kelly Mills on October 4, 2010 at 7:12 am

More than 900 employees who use Muskingum County insurance will see changes come this January.

Commissioner Brian Hill met with county employees Monday night at the Center for Seniors. In 2011 the county is considering offering three plan options. Employees’ current plan will be available as the "gold" plan and the high-deductible Health Savings Account will also still be available. The county may also offer a third plan they are calling a "silver" plan.

"Benefits drop down somewhat, the deductibles go up a little bit, the out-of-pocket maximums go up some, but basically it is still a very good plan, a very rich plan in comparison to private sector and the rest of the community," says Hill.

Deductibles for the "gold" plan and HSA plan will remain nearly the same. There will also be changes coming to the insurance premiums employees and the county agencies pay.

"If they stay with their current plan it about doubles their premium and the silver plan there’d be a more modest increase probably in the 10 percent range. In the HSA plan if they weren’t already on it, it’ll be less out-of-pocket or out of their paycheck than it is today," he says.

In addition to single coverage or family coverage, commissioners are also considering an employee plus one option. Hill says commissioners will make final decisions on the insurance Thursday, so they can begin open enrollment. The new insurance plans will begin in January.