Nashport Elementary Earns State’s Highest Academic Award

by Brittany Shannon on October 1, 2010 at 6:38 am

Nashport Elementary has the recipe for academic success as they celebrate yet another year of distinguished honors.

For the third year in a row, the Tri-Valley elementary school is awarded ‘Excellent with Distinction’ from the Ohio Department of Education for outstanding ratings and achievements on Ohio Achievement Assessments.

"We are very proud of that and we work hard and I think the staff and the students deserve that ‘yahoo’ because it’s all about hard work," says Nashport Principal, Fritzi Gibson.

State representative Troy Balderson commended students at Friday’s pep rally. Faculty, and students are proud of their accomplishments and the hard work that got them there.

"A curriculum director makes us all come together and work and we just put in a lot of hours in the Summer, weekends, and the nights. We are just trying to meet students’ needs and doing research-based-instruction so it all pays off," says fourth-grade teacher, Juna Garber.

"I just think it’s really exciting to get an award like that. We’ve worked really hard for it," says fifth-grader, Kaelee Dingey.

Fourth-grade teachers put together a special reward for Nashport students for their outstanding achievements. Next week, they are all going to the roller-rink.