New County Insurance Plan Accepted

by Brittany Shannon on October 7, 2010 at 6:01 am

Muskingum County Commissioners approved the implementation of a three-tier health insurance plan for county employees.

Commissioners John Bates and Brian Hill met Thursday and approved the new insurance policy. Commissioner Jerry Lavy was not present, but accepted the changes. Commissioners say the plan gives employees more options.

"They’ll have three choices this year. Gold plan, silver plan, or high deductible plan. And the employees will have meetings set up in November with the insurance department and the insurance company to go over what their options are," says Hill.

The current insurance plan has two options. The new implementation adds the "silver" policy.

"The rates have gone up quite a big for the gold plan, but the rates for the silver plan are in the 12 to 14 percent range, and the high deductible, a lot of people could see the same or decrease in their actual out-of-payroll check."

The plan also adds an ’employee plus one’ option in addition to family and single coverage. Commissioners say the new policy will be implemented in January and will effect the county’s more than 900 employees.