ODOT Ready For Winter

by Ashley Drane on October 26, 2010 at 6:38 am

Winter is right around the corner and the Ohio Department of Transportation is preparing for the snow and ice.

ODOT is doing its annual dry run this week to inspect and make sure all the equipment is in working order before winter arrives. Highway Management Administrator Rick Williams said keeping the roads clear is the number one priority and this year they are even bringing in more help.

"The Seasonal Program is where we bring in additional workers in the winter months to assist all the drivers here," Williams said.

He said they do this because there aren’t enough drivers for the 40,000 lane miles of state highway they cover.

"Muskingum County will get six additional employees. They are going to be hired during the month of November and they will work till roughly the first of April," Williams said.

Williams said the Seasonal Program is very helpful during the long winter driving season.