Ohio National Guard Gets New Facility

by Ashley Drane on October 25, 2010 at 1:56 am

The Ohio National Guard Base in Zanesville is getting a facility upgrade.

A ground breaking ceremony was held at the 220th Engineering Installation Squadron Monday morning. The Ohio National Guard is getting a new facility. Congressman Zack Space said they really needed the new building.

"This project is going to bring these standards up to modern day technology. They are going to have equipment and tools they need to be stronger and a better fighting force. There’s nothing more important than making this nation secure from the war on terrorism," Space said.

Adjutant General for the State of Ohio Greg Wayt says the airman are always preparing and this will give them the room they need.

Space says this will also help bring tax dollars back to our area. He said this will benefit our community by putting people to work and making our armed forces stronger.