Putnam Parade Promotes Pride

by Brittany Shannon on October 30, 2010 at 7:00 am

It’s an excuse for kids to get decked out in their Halloween-best, while bringing a sense of pride to one Zanesville neighborhood.

Putnam Pride is an organization working to improve the image of the Putnam area, and Saturday they, along with the First United Methodist Church held a Family Fun Parade that provided safe Halloween fun for families.

"Encourage a sense of community and encourage the people in Zanesville to be a little more comfortable coming through the Putnam area, and just to build up some pride in the wonderful businesses and the other things we have here in the Putnam area," says Joy French, pastor of the First United Methodist Church.

Participants began the walk from First United Methodist Church and ended at the Salvation Army where there were treats for kids and their families.

"When you can get together, that’s something that most families can’t do nowadays, get together and have fun," says Dominika Bilsing who participated in the parade.

French estimates that more than 150 people attended Saturday’s activities.