Republican Rally Draws Number of Candidates

by Emily Baird on October 30, 2010 at 10:51 am

Republicans are rallying in Muskingum County days before the November election.

The Largest Republican Tailgate Party was held at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds Saturday evening, featuring some big-names in the state, including John Boehner, Bob Gibbs, and Rob Portman. They agree that there’s two main issues driving the election this year: jobs and the economy.

"People are frustrated, and they should be by the lack of progress. Right now, we have unemployment unfortunately increasing in Ohio. Last month we lost more jobs, and we need to turn that around, " says US Senate candidate, Rob Portman.

All the candidates say it’s important for people to cast a ballot because every vote counts.

"I ought to know that from the primary. I had a very competitive primary. It’s important if you’re concerned about the future, its direction, and what kind of country we’re going to pass onto our kids-their kids. Get out and vote, " says 18th Congressional District candidate, Bob Gibbs.

Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, ordered a recount in the 18th Congressional District Republican Primary race back in May. Gibbs eventually was declared the winner, beating out his closest competitor, Fred Daily, by 156 votes.