Some Check Holiday Shopping off their List Early

by Brittany Shannon on October 22, 2010 at 4:44 am

We’re not hearing jingle bells yet, but that doesn’t mean the retailers aren’t taking advantage of early holiday shoppers.

With a weakened economy in recent years, more and more shoppers are beginning their holiday spending earlier. In 2009, 40% started shopping before Halloween. This trend has spurred retailers to get into the Christmas spirit earlier than ever.

"It’s probably been about mid-October we saw the first signs of Christmas out at the mall," says Colony Square Mall Marketing Director, Kevin Pinson.

Pinson says that early shopping can lead to better deals.

"Everybody’s looking for the best deal. They want to take the dollars they have and stretch them as far as they can so retailers respond to that they will get early bargains out there and the prices should be really good."

Retailers are looking for seasonal help. Pinson says now is a good time to check out stores that may be hiring.