Strickland Campaign Makes a Stop in Zanesville

by Brittany Shannon on October 1, 2010 at 6:20 am

Governor Ted Strickland’s campaign bus rolled through downtown Zanesville Friday.

Welcomed by supporters and some opponents, the incumbent and running-mate Yvette McGee Brown brought with them to Ditty’s Diner their main message and that is to get people to the polls. Early voting started September 28, and voters can continue to place their votes from now until Election Day.

"I’m here to ask people to get out and vote. You can vote every day, every weekday, between now and November 2. So I’m urging people to do that," says Governor Ted Strickland.

"We’re focusing on turnout. Our message is about keeping Ohio moving forward. Investing in our people, investing in our kids with good schools and good jobs. So the difference is going to be who turns out their voters," says Strickland’s running-mate Yvette McGee Brown.

Recent polls show the race is almost even between incumbent Strickland and Republican opponent, John Kasich.