The Energy Cooperative Donates Meal

by Brittany Shannon on October 23, 2010 at 5:03 am

The Energy Cooperative is working to make a difference by donating meals to those who are less fortunate.

A special cookout-style lunch was provided at Christ’s Table in Zanesville. The Energy Cooperative wanted to do something that would help people in the community.

"A couple years ago we got to think about, there’s always people out there that are less-fortunate than we are and we’d like to give back a little to the community," says Bob Herron, propane manger for the Energy Cooperative.

Rolling Plains Methodist Church, the Adult Worship Choir, and Rittberger Meats also assisted in providing the lunch.

"The community is always here for us as far as volunteer help and everything, but when someone calls and offers to donate a whole meal, that really makes a big difference for us," says Tina Adolph, kitchen coordinator for Christ’s Table.

The Energy Cooperative was prepared to serve approximately 200 meals.