Y-Bridge Lift Station to get a Facelift

by Brittany Shannon on October 12, 2010 at 9:00 am

Zanesville City Council passed several pieces of legislation Tuesday.

The first ordinance allows the city to sell a portion of vacant property at the intersection of State Route 719 and Moxahala Avenue. The property was purchased when the highway was being constructed, and now is of no use to the city. Because it is not connected to the city, Zanesville can not annex it.

"There is a railroad in between this property and so we don’t own that property between the city and this property so we can’t annex it. So tonight (Tuesday) we voted to sell that property because it serves no municipal purpose," says City Councilman Dave Tarbert.

The second ordinance that was passed allows the Public Service Department to enter into a contract for the design and rehabilitation of the Y-Bridge Lift Station.

"There are four pumps in there. One of those pumps is completely dead and hasn’t worked for years and we’ve just been scavenging it for years so there’s three pumps. If one or two of those pumps goes down, the North end of Zanesville will notice a huge issue with regards to their septic disposal," says Tarbert.

The total cost for the design of the project is $253,400.

City Council also passed an ordinance that completes the paving of State Street, declaring an emergency. Federal earmark funding pays for 100 percent of the project. Public Service Director Mike Sims projects its completion in April 2011.

City Council declares Sunday, October 31 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. to be ‘trick-or trick’ for the City of Zanesville.