Zanesville City Council Meeting

by Brittany Harris on October 25, 2010 at 10:14 am

At Monday nights Zanesville City Council meeting, two ordinances discussing JEDDS were in their final reading.

The Joint Economic Development Districts would be with Falls and Washington Townships.

"JEDDS are a wonderful way for the city to share revenue with the townships, the city has certain services that the township don’t have and so we offer perhaps water, sewer, assistance with the development of the roads and some things that the townships just aren’t able to do," said Council Member Dave Tarbert

Tarbert noticed a few problems with the proposed contract that he would like to address with the attorney who drafted it.

"The contract currently says that the county must provide all sanitary sewer services, and the county must provide water, and the county must provide a five million dollar sanitary sewer expansion," he said.

He wants to know why the county isn’t listed as a party in the contract. City Council voted to table the ordinances until the contract is reviewed.

Three other ordinances were also introduced including a proposal for the city to make deposits only to local banks, the removal of a flashing yellow signal light at Westview School, and the installment of a traffic signal at Zane Grey School. They all moved on to their second reading.