42 Million Americans to Travel for Thanksgiving

by Emily Baird on November 18, 2010 at 6:51 am

More than 42 million Americans are expected to travel over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

AAA says that’s an 11.4% increase from last year.

"Friends and family, it’s really once a year they get together, and they aren’t going to allow the gas prices to discourage them or impact their decision on travel, to visit friends and family for the holidays," says local store manager, Rhoda Collins.

Because most people will be traveling between 50 and 80 miles to reach their destinations, Collins says a majority of travelers will be driving rather than taking a plane.

"The cost of airfare when you have a huge family, that adds up quicker than filling up a tank of gas to get to your destinations," says Collins.

Collins says you can expect the traffic to really pick up, starting next Wednesday, and she says most people venture back home from their destinations the sunday after Thanksgiving.