Acute Nursing Care Receives Accreditation

by Brittany Harris on November 17, 2010 at 4:23 am

A recent accreditation is helping one local business add new clients.

After months of waiting, Acute Nursing Care of Zanesville is proud to finally announce that its received certification from Medicare and the Community Health Accreditation Program. The company had to be extensively reviewed; having its employees, policies and procedures surveyed.

"In September we received our big survey which deems us for medicare to be able to take medicare, private insurance and workers comp and medicaid, medicaid waiver," said Director of Nursing Shelly Long.

Long said that the C.H.A.P accreditation is actually a step above the Medicare certification. The company offers a full range of at home medical assistance for people of any age. The staff includes nurses, nurses aides, physical therapists and other health professionals.

"Business is going to boom now we can start accepting a lot of clients, in the beginning we had to do ten clients pro-bono and we actually did a few more than that," said Long.

Acute currently has 21 clients and hopes to continue expanding. It covers all of southeast Ohio and is approved for all of Ohio.